PC Repair

Expert PC Repair in Sacramento & Surrounding Areas

Does your computer run slow? Maybe it doesn’t run at all? If your PC doesn’t perform like it should, don’t throw it out, bring it down to iGeek Tech Repair instead. Our staff of certified experts can quickly diagnose and fix most issues with your desktop while saving you money. Whether you need new parts, or just a quick diagnostic test, we’ve got you covered.

At iGeek, we know having a working computer is critical, that’s why we offer lightning fast service. In some cases we can repair your PC while you wait, while more complex issues may take a few days. If your machine needs new parts, our experts can recommend and order the right parts for you, we’ll even install them in record time!

Virus & Malware Removal Service

If your PC has a virus, don’t spend hours on Google trying to remove it yourself. While message boards and forums can be helpful, removing the wrong files and folders can make the problem even worse. Take the headache out of the equation by letting us handle it for you. With our knowledge and skills, you can rest assured we’ll do it right.

PC Part Replacements & Upgrades

Thinking of upgrading your memory or harddrive space? Need a better graphics card? Or do you simply want a better keyboard for your setup? We can help with all PC upgrades and replace any non-functioning parts. Let our PC experts recommend the right parts and upgrades for your machine.

PC Software Updates

Is your Windows operating system out of date? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to the latest version. We’ll make sure your current machine can handle the latest operating system from Windows, perform backups of all of your data, transition existing software like Microsoft Office and keep all of your essentials updated.

PC Repair Near Me

A slow or outdated PC can hinder your productivity. Let our PC repair experts diagnose issues with your computer, recommend upgrades and get you set up with the latest and greatest at an affordable price.

With iGeek, you get:

Limited Lifetime Warranty On Repairs: If the original repair fails because of a defect or because of poor workmanship, the fix is free, no questions asked.

Fast Repair Service: When you are expert at what you do, speed is not so much a goal as a part of the process. We’ll repair your computer and have it back to you as quick as possible.

Wait On It, Drop It Off or Mail It In: Whatever option works best for you.

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