About iGeek Tech Repair

About iGeek Tech Repair

Our Story

Established in 2010

iGeek Tech Repair began as a home business in 2010 and with the rapid success and positive reviews we received, we grew rapidly into one of Sacramento’s most respected tech repair establishments. We deal with customers all over the Sacramento county and repair over thousands of electronic devices monthly. With our rise to being labeled one of the most reliable tech repair establishments in the entire county, we have not shifted our number one priority, customer satisfaction. Our unique personal touch here at iGeek is the importance we place on pleasing each and every customer that we serve on a daily basis.

We here at iGeek Tech Repair prioritize customer satisfaction, we understand the necessity that each and every tech device brought in, has to your everyday lives, so we want to make certain we take care of the issue and return it to you as soon as possible. We have a direct relationship with each customer, never leaving you with confusion on when your device will be repaired or returned. We have a walk in business that allows you to always be in the loop when it comes to your device. We also offer a warranty for your device after returning it to ensure you walk out of our store confident.

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