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There are few more exciting moments than taking an iPhone out of its packaging for the first time. There are also few more panic inducing moments than when that same iPhone is dropped onto a hard surface, cracks its screen or gets immersed in liquid and needs an urgent repair.

Fortunately, for all three of those scenarios, help is at your fingertips. iGeek Tech Repair specializes in iPhone repair Sacramento and we do it quickly at an affordable price.

During a typical day, an iPhone can be sat or stepped on, dropped, tossed, immersed in liquid, kicked, etc. When an iPhone gets damaged, unless the owner has an expensive warranty through Apple, the options are very limited.

Getting a replacement is an option, but expensive and only if the owner qualifies for a device upgrade. Living with the damage or doing without their device are also options, but each is highly inconvenient on many levels.

Finding an affordable repair shop with the expertise and professionalism needed to do a good job is the best option, but often rare.

iPhone repair Sacramento

Cracked iPhone Screen Repair

There’s nothing worse than a cracked iPhone screen. If the iPhone user has screen protection and damage penetrates that, a crack can be controlled, but the underlying damage to the screen remains. If the iPhone has no screen protection, a crack can develop into a sizable fissure and even a hole. Replacing the screen is almost impossible unless you have the right equipment and expertise to not damage the phone further.

Water-Damaged iPhone Repair

When an iPhone is dropped in liquid, the damage is less obvious than a shattered screen, but can also be more drastic. If not handled correctly, liquid can kill an iPhone for good.

Understanding how to repair a water-damaged iPhone without making it worse takes specialized experience and equipment.

iPhone Battery Replacement

An iPhone with a bad battery is the worst. Over time, your battery will slowly die and no matter how much you charge it, it will eventually need to be replaced.

Due to the size of most iPhones, you need the right tools and expertise to successfully swap out the battery. With our expert iPhone battery replacement service, your phone will be back to holding a charge in no time.

iPhone Repair Near Me

Trying to fix a damaged iPhone yourself is never a good idea. iGeek understands all aspects of iPhone repair, from the worry the owner experiences to the need for an effective fix at an affordable price in a reasonable time frame.

With iGeek, you get:

Limited Lifetime Warranty On Repairs: If the original repair fails because of a defect or because of poor workmanship, the fix is free, no questions asked.

Same Day Repairs: When you are expert at what you do, speed is not so much a goal as a part of the process. In many cases, iPhone repairs can happen while you wait.

Wait On It, Drop It Off or Mail It In: Whatever option works best for you.

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