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iPhone Repair Services

Discover expert iPhone repair services at iGeek Tech Repair, proudly serving Elk Grove since 2015. Our seasoned technicians possess extensive experience in handling a wide array of iPhone models, from the classic iPhone 5 to the cutting-edge iPhone 15 Pro Max. Whether you’re facing a cracked screen, water damage, or any other issue, our skilled team is here to provide efficient and affordable solutions.

iPhone Repair in Elk Grove, CA

Few things are as disheartening as a cracked iPhone screen or water damage jeopardizing your device’s functionality. At iGeek Tech Repair, we specialize in swift and reliable iPhone repair services tailored to your needs. With our free diagnostic assessments, you’ll receive a thorough evaluation of your iPhone’s condition, allowing us to recommend the most effective repair options. iGeek Tech Repair specializes in iPhone repair Elk Grove and we do it quickly at an affordable price.

Trusted iPhone Repair Experts in Elk Grove, CA

Our dedication to quality extends beyond just repairs. We pride ourselves on using high quality parts sourced directly from our vendor, ensuring the highest standards of quality and compatibility. Additionally, our repairs are backed by a 1-year limited warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in the durability of our work.

iPhone Screen Repair

Whether your iPhone has endured a minor crack or a shattered screen, our technicians are equipped to handle screen repairs for all iPhone models. From the iconic iPhone 5 to the sleek iPhone 15 Pro, we employ advanced tools and techniques to restore your device’s display to its pristine condition. Say goodbye to the frustration of navigating through a fractured screen – iGeek Tech Repair has you covered.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone struggling to hold a charge? Don’t let a worn-out battery hinder your productivity. Our swift and affordable battery replacement services are available for all iPhone models, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Whether it’s the iPhone 5 or the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, we’ll have your device powered up and running smoothly in no time. But we don’t stop there – we go the extra mile by providing expert guidance on battery maintenance. Our technicians offer valuable tips on charging habits and usage patterns to help you maximize battery life and minimize future issues. Additionally, we offer premium accessories, including genuine Apple charging cables, to ensure compatibility and reliability. Trust iGeek Tech Repair to not only replace your iPhone battery but also empower you with the knowledge and tools you need for long-term success. Visit us today and experience the difference of working with a trusted name in iPhone repair.


iPhone Camera Repair

Capture memories with clarity and precision by entrusting iGeek Tech Repair with your iPhone camera repair needs. From lens malfunctions to sensor issues, our technicians have the expertise to diagnose and resolve a wide range of camera-related problems. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can rest assured that your iPhone camera will be restored to its full functionality. In addition to repairing camera malfunctions, we also offer specialized services to enhance the durability and protection of your iPhone camera. Our technicians can replace cracked camera lenses while preserving your original camera, helping you save costs without compromising on quality. Furthermore, we can add a camera lens cover to provide additional protection against future accidents, ensuring that your iPhone camera remains safe and functional for years to come.


iPhone Water Damage Repair

Accidental water exposure can wreak havoc on your iPhone, but iGeek Tech Repair is here to salvage your device. Our technicians specialize in water damage repair for all iPhone models, employing industry-leading techniques to mitigate damage and restore functionality. Whether it’s the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 15 Pro Max, trust us to revive your water-damaged device with precision and care.  In cases where the phone is deemed irreparable or the repair costs exceed the phone’s value, iGeek Tech Repair offers data recovery services. Our skilled technicians utilize ultrasonic cleaners and 99% alcohol to remove any corrosion caused by water damage. Additionally, we perform micro soldering to replace any damaged components if necessary, ensuring that your valuable data is recovered safely and securely. Don’t let water damage ruin your iPhone experience. Trust iGeek Tech Repair to not only repair water damage but also recover your valuable data in case of irreparable damage. 

iPhone Speaker Repair

iGeek Tech Repair offers comprehensive iPhone speaker repair services. With the iPhone now featuring two speakers and two microphones placed at both the top and bottom of the device, debris can often accumulate in the mesh, leading to issues with sound quality. Some cases may require the replacement of speakers that are part of the Face ID assembly, necessitating experience in micro soldering. If you’re experiencing difficulties hearing the other party during calls or vice versa, it’s likely due to a faulty speaker or microphone. iGeek Tech Repair can address these issues in-house, ensuring that your iPhone’s audio functionality is restored to its optimal state.

iPhone Back Glass Repair

When it comes to iPhone back glass repair, precision and quality matter. Many repair facilities attempt to chisel the back glass and remount it to the frame, risking imperfections and future lifting. At iGeek Tech Repair, we take a different approach. We replace the entire housing, ensuring that you not only get a new back glass but also new edges, buttons, speaker grilles, and camera lens. By performing repairs in this manner, we guarantee the best outcome and a clean result that exceeds industry standards.

Trust iGeek Tech Repair to provide expert iPhone back glass repair services that prioritize quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. Visit us today and discover the difference of working with a trusted leader in iPhone repair.

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