Macbook Repair

Expert MacBook Repair in Sacramento & Surrounding Areas

Is your MacBook acting up? We know Apple laptops come in all shapes and sizes. With its go anywhere, do everything capability, your MacBook is likely one of your favorite things. Whether you prefer the sleek, lightweight design of the MacBook Air, or the power and performance of the MacBook Pro, nothing is quite as frustrating as a laptop that doesn’t perform as it should.

Due to their portability and design, MacBooks are difficult for owners to repair. Additionally, if your computer is no longer covered by its Apple warranty, it is often expensive and time consuming to obtain a fix.

Lucky for you, our expert technicians at iGeek Tech Repair are here to help. If your MacBook needs service for a cracked or malfunctioning display, harddrive or RAM upgrade, a video card replacement, failing power supply, data recovery services, or just about anything else, we can help.

Cracked MacBook Screen Repair

When a MacBook screen starts to crack, it’s only a matter of time until it shatters. To keep using your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro properly, you’ll want to replace the screen right away. Our Apple experts have years of experience replacing screens and will have your computer looking like new again in no time.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Does your MacBook have broken or sticky keys? Maybe you’re missing a few? Don’t worry, our expert service team is here for you. Whether the keyboard needs a good deep cleaning, or a full replacement, we can recommend the right service for you. Best of all, we can usually perform the repair while you wait.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

An iPhone with a bad battery is the worst. Over time, your battery will slowly die and no matter how much you charge it, it will eventually need to be replaced.

Due to the size of most iPhones, you need the right tools and expertise to successfully swap out the battery. With our expert iPhone battery replacement service, your phone will be back to holding a charge in no time.

MacBook Repair Near Me

A broken MacBook Pro or MacBook Air can quickly be fixed with the right Apple expertise. We’ll diagnose the issue, give you an affordable price to fix it and get you on your way as soon as possible.

With iGeek, you get:

Limited Lifetime Warranty On Repairs: If the original repair fails because of a defect or because of poor workmanship, the fix is free, no questions asked.

Fast Repair Service: When you are expert at what you do, speed is not so much a goal as a part of the process. Depending on the repair required, we’ll have your MacBook back to you as quick as possible.

Wait On It, Drop It Off or Mail It In: Whatever option works best for you.

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